Nicolas Idée (English version)


« What influences our innermost sense of belonging in the world?

We exist only through our spirit, drawing on what our senses detect and what our conscious and our unconscious does with this input. This process of transformation defines the relationship we have with ourselves, with others and with our environment.

Our society, our culture and our territories, they all act in synergy to transmit and impose references and a mental framework. The power of these references is their ability to format us, impact our mentality and even destroy us if our individuality is not deeply in tune with them.

We belong to a world that is constantly changing, we are also evolving and developing over time and by various mental processes (introspection, selective memory …). This evolution creates the fluid and elusive image we have of ourselves.
The question of our self identity in the world is expressed in these terms: Is my constructed self-image consistent with the perception that I have of the world, the others and with their reality?”

These are the questions that inspire Nicolas Idée’s approach in the themes he explores in photography, experimenting with various techniques and protocols consistently with the subject matter.

This intuitive approach has led to the genesis of projects as ‘The fifth dimension’; examining the social autism caused by urban environment, ‘Intricacy’ explores the mental transfers in art, ‘Chimera’ and ‘Let’s walk’ which encourage the viewer to reflect on the source of primitive and cultural anxieties.

His artistic approach continues the exploration of these themes and also moves in new lines of thought on questions such as the role of memory or the influences of desire and mysticism in the construction of the individual.

Nicolas observes emerging talents and innovative trends, and builds his artistic points of references by surrounding himself with a diverse creative community that includes other photographers, painters, engravers and artists. Nicolas is a seeker, following a unique personal path that is nourished by his ongoing process of discovery.


  • Member of the « Conseil National Français des Arts Plastiques »
  • Member of the « Fédération Photographique de France »
  • Board member of « Fan Photos » association
  • Member and founder of « Prism reflexions », photographers collective

Grants, Prizes 

  • Grand Prize of the Creation 2015, Fédération Photographique de France
  • Medal reportage 2014, Fédération Photographique de France

Main exhibitions 

  • CNFAP « Dialogues » Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris  4-14 mars 2015
  • Foire internationale de la photo, Bièvres, France juin 2014 & juin 2015


+33 (0) 6 83 26 29 71

Exhibited works

Chimeras (2012)

Calling upon our ancestral, cultural, social and personal points of reference, the dramatic visual impact of this series acts to free the imagination and encourage fantastic mental interpretations.  This visual process brings to life our deep and unknown Chimeras.

Nicolas Idée - Chimères

Nicolas Idée – Chimères

225*154 cm installation, set of 16 photographs ( 3 copies)
10 copies for each individual photograph, pigment inks, Hahnemühle « Fine Art Baryta » paper


Intricacy (2014)

« State of what is raveled, of things which get tangled »

The art objects are inert, however in the mind and hands of their creator, they mirror the thought process behind them. When the objects are viewed, another link is created – the observer is seduced and drawn into a certain state of mind.

Thus the mental representations of the work by its creator and its observers overlap to create a new element, distinctly unique.

Nicolas Idée - Intrication 1

Nicolas Idée – Intrication 1

Set of 7 triptychs
Original art prints are made by transfer on wood, each a unique copy
The series is also distributed in 10 copies, pigmented inks, paper Fine Art « William Turner »
Grand Prize of Creation Award – 2015 FPF

Soul Trees (2015)

As far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by trees. I frequent them a lot and these meetings always provide me deep feelings.

Life balance foundations, they give off an intense presence, often soothing. Majesty and power symbols, nevertheless, as humans, they can show fragile and vulnerable.

They are indispensable to me and contribute to my feeling of existence in this world and this coherent whole nature. By what magic is this phenomenon possible? No magic here but let us go to dream that trees have a soul.

Nicolas Idée - Soul Trees 1

Nicolas Idée – Soul Trees 1

Set of 12 photographs.
10 copies in 25*25 cm format and 5 copies in 100*100 cm
Pigment inks on Hahnemühle « Photo Rag Bright White » fine art paper

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